L’il Baci

Find it at: ​892 Queen St. East, Toronto

Nothing beats coming in from a freezing cold outdoors to be greeted with warm crusted Italian bread and a glass of red wine.

L’il Baci is that place; a cozy, but modern take on a nice Italian taverna, complete with Mom and Pop wedding photos framed in what only can be described as antique kitsch. Lovely nonetheless and makes it feel like ‘una casa’. It’s been around for a while now (2007) with good reason.

We started off with the crostinis; 3 toasts topped with a variety of savoury goodies including ricotta, Parmesan, mushrooms and roasted red peppers.

For mains the Spaghetti with Meatballs and Pork Sugo were delicious. A little heavy on the oil in the Sugo (sauce), but it’s hard to go wrong with a tasty sauce of red wine, bacon and caramelized onions.

The serving sizes were just right. The service was stellar; unobtrusive but efficient. Just how I like it. The atmosphere was nice. Just loud enough with conversation not to drown out our own, and good music as ambient vs loud; a distraction I find all too common in restaurants/bars these days.

Overall a great experience. I found the mains somewhat pricey for pasta at $17 and $18 respectively, but our total bill came to $80 including wine, a shared started, 2 mains and coffee.

Fairly typical dinner out for two.


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