Mocha Mocha

Find it at: 489 Danforth Avenue, Toronto

​​One of the few places on the Danforth to survive the changing shift of the eating landscape in this neighbourhood is Mocha Mocha. It’s been there since 1991 and its formula is a winner.​

Fresh food. Clean and simple. And tasty. Best crepe I’ve had this side of the Atlantic. My fave is the Vegetarian: eggplant, mushrooms, green onions, peppers, zucchini, mozzarella cheese, fresh tomato sauce and black olives. If you’re feeling carnivorous, there is the Avocado and Ham variety. Equally as good.​

Their salads are as fresh as they come with a special recipe dressing I’ve tried to emulate with little success. Tangy and a bit sweet and just the right amount of flavour. The warm brown rice salad is another staple; brown rice, black eyed peas, black mushrooms and ginger on a bed of mixed greens, carrots cabbage and tomatoes. Filling and fresh and won’t break the bank.​

Every day there are a couple of specials; often a comfort food dish like home-made veggie lasagne or a warming Moroccon chicken curry. All made from scratch and with fresh ingredients.

Mocha Mocha also offers breakfasts (eggs/bacon/omelettes etc) and a variety of sandwiches, soups and desserts. Great home cooking at good prices.

The atmosphere can get a bit noisy and the line-ups a bit long  at lunch time (it’s a self-order system, although the food is brought to the tables) and at busy times there can be a wait, but it’s worth it.


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