Regency Restaurant

Find it at: 1423 Gerrard St. East, Toronto

While some restaurants in the area seem to come and go, Gerrard Street’s Regency has been there since I moved into the area and long before. Typical of the Raj period, the restaurant is decked out with faux red velvet chairs, and waiters in white shirts and black ties. However, it’s not stuffy or pretentious in the slightest. It’s cozy, warm and comfortable and you’re guaranteed a smile.  You’ll find the best hot naan bread on Gerrard as soon as you arrive and don’t miss ordering a  delicious and authentic chai tea; just like in India.

Introduced to the Regency by a friend who now lives in the west end, she makes her way over to the east specifically to dine here at least 4-6 times a year. I’m her companion for at least half those visits and now a faithful customer.

The dishes are not TOO spicy; the reason many people veer away from Indian food, which is typically hot and spicier than our western palates are used to. While some might say this is a ‘ westernized’  version of Indian food, the buffet at the regency has something for everyone’s taste buds  salads, tandoori chicken, curries, biryianis, kormas, dahl, tikkas, vegetable dishes and my favorite…butter chicken.​

Top this off with a variety of desserts and there’s something for everyone. These rich and savoury flavours make their lunch buffet price of $8.95 and the dinner price of $12.99 seem ridiculously cheap. It’s an all you can eat affair where you never have to try the same dish twice.​

My advice? Go hungry and wear your ‘ all you can eat pants’ for a satisfying meal out.
Their Pinot Grigio is very good as well.

Easily the cheapest night out in the ‘hood. A filling and tasty meal with a glass of wine will set you back $20.00.


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