The Hummingbird Caribbean Cuisine

Find it at: 1276 Queen Street East , Toronto

How do you spell filling?  H-u-m-m-i-n-g-b-i-r-d.​

The new Caribbean eatery on Queen East (named after the national bird of Jamaica/Trinidad), feels like you’ve just dropped into a neighbourhood cafe in Jamaica. Complete with old reggae/island LP covers from the 60s, 70s and beyond, shaky laminate tables and colourful, fun watercolour prints by Jamaican born Herbie Rose, The Hummingbird has a nice laid back feel about it.  Our main man Otis, was friendly, hospitable and pulled up a chair while he took our order.

Starting off with curried shrimps with beans/rice and Jamaican style salad was a palette of colour! The curry sauce was tangy and delicious, but the rice and salad weren’t as colourful in the mouth as they were to the eye. A little wilty (salad) and a lot dry (rice).​

Our main course was the Roti. We sampled the Veggie and Chicken varieties. While filling (oh so filling!) the vegetables (squash, callaloo and pumpkin) were a bit ordinary and bare; little/no juice/sauce/spice. The chicken Roti was better, with small chunks of tender chicken, but also a little on the dry side and a bit short on pizzazz. 

You won’t break the bank here. Prices are decent $10 for Roti  (chicken or veggie), starters run between $4 – $9 and mains $14-16.  For an unexpected addition, the lunchtime customer clientele was ‘ eclectic’. A fun experience, although a little lackluster  but a friendly new place just getting on its feet. I’m sure in time with a little customer input those rotis n’ beans n’ rice will be juicier and tastier, faster than you can say ‘Ya Man’


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