A sensory experience you won’t forget

Step into Amy’s Place Handmade at Beech & Queen Street in Toronto and your nose will thank you.  If you love those great little shops where sight and smell go into overload on arrival, you’ll want to check out this quaint shop in The Beach neighbourhood.

Amy’s Place Handmade specializes in her handmade 100% soy candles, infused with essential oils and fragrances.  Made in re-purposed tea cups, mason jars, and vintage wall paper wrapped containers, you can’t help but feel you stepped into yesteryear when shopping and browsing here.


You’ll also find original photos for sale from Amy’s trips around the world, as well as jewellery, bath salts, floral waters, and fun items like the “Boyfriend Pin” (handmade pins to resemble your favourite fella) from other artisans Amy helps promote in her shop.

If you’re more about the “making” and less about the buying “completed”, Amy’s Place Handmade runs periodic workshops, so you can get your learning hat on, roll up your sleeves and find your inner artisan.

Be sure you add Amy’s Place Handmade to your list of “to do’s” next time you’re in The Beach or drop by her Facebook page to find out more about this incredible business.


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