Being happy isn’t hard if you try …

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There are many times in life that we suddenly hit a speed bump and our worlds are turned upside down and we’re sure that bluebird of happiness is never going to find its way back into our lives.

“Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.”  – Anne Frank


Let’s look at some ways to turn that frown upside-down.

Sleep – 6 hours and 15 minutes of uninterrupted sleep will make you one of the happy people.  Sleep can be the best medicine for happiness.  Be sure you’re getting enough of it. Read “Are you getting the sleep you deserve” for tips for a better sleep HERE.

Commute time – Studies have shown that if you’re commuting more than 40 minutes a day round trip, you’re more likely to be stressed. Although work is a necessity of life, the longer than commute time, the more unhappy the average person will find themselves being.

Make time for yourself – Women rank high in this category as not making enough time for themselves.  We’re always so busy running households, holding down jobs, caring for our family and friends, we often forget about taking care of us.  Try looking at things from a different perspective: make time for you, so you can stay energized for the rest of the world.  Go to the spa, take a time out for yourself to go for a leisurely walk with your dog, sit down and enjoy a great book, soak in a tub instead of a quick shower, have that coffee date (or wine) with the girls you’ve been putting off.  Make time to recharge yourself every single day.

Be happy

Surround yourself with positive friends – Can you count 10 positive people in your life? Studies have shown that adults who can count 10 positive people in their circle have a greater chance of being happy themselves.  People that thrive on drama and negativity will only serve to suck the happiness right out of you!

Fake it till you shake it – Can’t shake that unhappiness?  Then fake it!  Start with a smile.    Right now .. you can do it … smile.  Psychologists have shown that regardless of your mood, you can instantly lift your spirits by forcing yourself to smile.  When you smile, you release endorphins throughout your body, releasing stress and making you feel happier.

Try aromatherapy – aromatherapy can help in so many ways with a pick me up.  Essential oils can be used anywhere easily throughout the day and they help ground and center the body.  Apply oils the bottoms of your feet before leaving for the day, and apply during the day, to wrists or the back of the neck to put that spring back into your step! Read about our aromatherapy tips HERE

Seek medial help – there are times life has just gotten you so down, it’s time to seek a bit of medical help to get your back on track to happy.  Never be afraid to take that extra step and speak to a professional.  We all deserve to be happy – the medical community is well equipped to help you find your way back.

Cry it out – sometimes you just need to let it out, have your moment, stop holding on to the sadness and cry, cry, cry.  You’ll feel better afterwards.  Try it!

I realize it’s not as easy as flipping a switch to be happy, when you’ve been struggling for some time, but it is possible.  Takes steps everyday to be more positive and follow some of our tips and soon you’ll find that bluebird of happiness on your shoulder.

What do you do to maintain happiness in your life? 



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