Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography Session Tips

Photo by Ackland photography 905.706.3913

Photo by Ackland photography 905.706.3913



Boudoir photography; to create a collection of sensual or sexually suggestive images of a woman (or occasionally a man or couple). Meant to be tasteful and sophisticated.







This style of photography is an empowering experience for women of all ages, shapes and sizes!

Here are 5 tips to consider if you’re interested in booking a boudoir photography session! 

1. Find the right photographer for the job! Often, women feel more comfortable being photographed by a female photographer. If this is a requirement for you, be sure to confirm who your photographer will be. View their portfolio to determine whether or not you like the body of work. And finally, if you continue to have any reservations, don’t hesitate to request a meeting to discuss your expectations!

2. Take care of yourself leading up to your scheduled session– exercise, eat well, and drink lots of water. Not only will it prepare your body but will also do wonders for your mindset before baring it all!
3. Pamper yourself! There’s a good chance you will only do this once, so go that extra mile and get a manicure or have your hair done, whatever makes you feel your best!
 4. Keep your options open and bring a variety of wardrobe choices! Great options include a flirty bra and panty set, sexy baby dolls, a curve-hugging bustier, garters, a significant others dress shirt or uniform piece, sports jerseys… the options are endless! And don’t forget your high heels!
5. Relax! Keep in mind that the photographer you have hired is a professional and is familiar with bodies of every shape and size.  Lastly, don’t hesitate to request anything else that might make you feel more comfortable, such as music, a glass of wine, or perhaps a friend to come along for company.


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