A step back in time with the Beach Guild of Fine Art

Rosemarie Dickob rdickob@netscape.net

Rosemarie Dickob

In 1994, a group of seven Beach artists got together to create the beach Guild of Fine Art in order to support each other as artists, to promote the appreciation of art in the community and to encourage the establishment of a permanent home of  art and cultural activities at the Gardener’s Cottage in Kew Gardens.  Today the Guild is a familiar image in the Beach Art Scene.

The Beaches Lions Club has been their patron since 1995, and since then their Annual Members Show, Art Down by the Bay, and their meetings and workshops are held at the Lions Clubhouse on Ashbridges Bay.


With the invaluable support of former City Councillor, Sandra Bussin, and the Toronto Parks Department; their goals for the Gardener’s Cottage began to be realized in 2002 with a Guild Christmas Show held at the very much “in need of repair” building.  The first “Small Paintings for Small Spaces” event began in May 2003.  The Beaches Rotary Club stepped in to lead the refurbishment process and supported this new role for the Gardener’s Cottage.

Today, you’ll find many cultural events and art shows held at the Cottage and The Beach Guild of Fine Art welcomes many more to come in the future.

Join the 10th annual Guild’s “Small Paintings for Small Spaces” event:

Gardeners Cottage (Kew Gardens)

Set Up – May 17th – 4-8

Show May 18th, 19th, & 20th from 10 – 5



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