Be fearless ~ eat burgers like a broad!


Dawna Marie Wright
Ms. D-Madame


All manners are off the table when these women challenge your best burger.  They don’t actually challenge the burger itself as much as the burger culture. They love all burgers, just not the ones from burger chains, they love being broads and most of all they love being burger broads.


In Spring 2011, Dawna Marie Wright, had what she then thought the best burger at Bellwood Bar and Grill. After some research, Dawna realized the potential market for a blog about burgers from a female perspective. She gathered sassy, smart and strong women who weren’t afraid to become messy eating burgers on camera. By December 2011, The Broad House came into existence.

Dawna, known as Ms. D-Madame in the burger world, associates broads with confidence and brains, and thinks broads and burgers go well together.

“’Broads’ tends to have a negative connotation and I’m here to change that. Broads to me, always remind me of the 30s and 40s and actresses who were sassy and self possessed. So, instead of being a babe in this Stone Age, I want to be a broad.”

Ms. D-Madame is the only female in Canada who looks for juicy, tasty burgers and reviews them on her blog with her equally independent, all-female crew. These broads are different to your regular female. They don’t write about burger recipes, or how to look good eating a burger or how to dress while eating a burger. They find burgers, eat them with all the drips and mess they come with, and then share their thoughts and opinions with their progressively large fan base.

“We go around and we eat burgers on camera and we gush about them. We’re not critics, we’re burger lovers. We just focus on the positive. Hence The Broad House; we’re lovers of broads, of food and life.”

The broads are from all walks of life, ranging from the financial sector, the health industry, actresses and stay at home moms. Despite having tasted burgers across Toronto and Ontario in general, it’s difficult for these broads to pin-point the best burger in town. They say, they’ve ‘never met a burger we didn’t like but some do make us burgasm better than others’.

Although the past two years were successful, organic and fun, they also have been a prototype and feedback for what’s to come in 2013. What is to happen to The Broad House this year is still a secret, but Ms. D-Madame, gives us a sneak-peak: “I’m really hoping we’ll be on a bus travelling across Canada.”

Check out their website for more information: Here or join them on Facebook



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