Please enjoy the electronic edition of “Your Today”

"Your Today"  spring edition

“Your Today”
spring edition

Welcome to our electronic spring edition of “Your Today”. We’re not a community magazine, though we distribute our print copies to local communities for FREE from downtown Toronto all the way east through to the Durham Region.

Like the women who inspire us, our magazine has a vivacious, energetic style. The look is sophisticated yet accessible, with a lively and relevant tone. Embodying the elements in life that I feel we as women need to know, the magazine takes a generous and intimate look at the world women are living in today. It touches on the pleasures of life; entertaining, loving, sharing, being beautiful inside and out.

You’ll find our regular sections on beauty, fashion, celebrity hair styles, pets, lifestyle, food, relationships and your health. Our local edge is that many of our article submissions are by local business leaders that everyone knows.

If you are interested in any of our advertisers products or services you find listed, please be sure to click on their ad to take you directly to their website.


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