An Open Letter To My “Mom” for Mother’s Day


Mom in law

~~ I have a Mom.  She may not have given birth to me, and she may have only been in my life for the past 3 years, but she is indeed and without question “Mom”.  ~~


I certainly could have sent her a Hallmark card along with some other gift via Canada Post (she lives 5 hours away) but I thought instead I’d write an open letter to her so she knows what she means to me, in case there’s ever any doubt.

I can’t say I ever had a Mom.  Sure ~ my biological Mom was around now and then in my life, but the relationship just never worked, which was difficult as a child, challenging as a teenager, and sombering as an adult.

Mom 5

Disastrous “Mother” experiences happened throughout my life with past relationships and  I settled on the fact that having a Mother/Daughter bond with someone was just not in my cards.  I envied friends that were close with their Mom or Mom In Laws, and deep down had an odd curiosity on why it was I just couldn’t experience this in my 40 years of life.


Then along came you!  When your Son wanted to “bring me home” to meet the parents,  I got that uncomfortable feeling, the queasiness settled in, the all familiar heart racing and sweaty palms and thought of how Mom’s and I just never got along.   I loved him though, and regardless of how you and I would feel about each other after we met, I knew it was important to him and I mustered up a “sure, sounds great” and packed for our weekend away to meet “The Mom”.


Mom, from the moment we met, I knew I was home.  Our connection was a great one and you welcomed me as though I’d been in your family for a lifetime.  Thank you for that.  That very moment and each one thereafter I cherish more than you’ll ever know.  I meant each and every word of the email I sent you after our first visit those years ago:

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your hospitality.  I appreciate how welcomed you both made me feel.  
I was elated that Daryl wanted to “take me home”, and as I’m sure you know, it can be the most uncomfortable situation or an incredibly enjoyable one.  It was without question the latter and it was a true pleasure.
Daryl means the absolute world to me, and I now understand from meeting the two of you, where this incredible man came from.  
I look forward to spending more time getting to know you both in the very near future, with a bit more time spent.  You both are so important to Daryl, and in turn that makes you important to me.
Till we have a chance to chat again …
Fast forward to today.  Hundreds of emails exchanged.  Thousands of phone calls chatting for hours have been had.  Visits that are never enough or long enough, cackling through the night and snacking more than we should.  You are the Mom I received when I married your son.  I am so blessed to know you, to be part of your incredible family, to call you Mom.  You have been there for me through up’s and down’s in life, and there’s nobody else on the top of my list to call when life takes me through peaks and valley’s.
the awesome mom badge
Reasons why she’s so awesome:
  1. She lets me call her my mom.
  2. She puts up with me.
  3. She calls me “kid” even at my age.
  4. She has a heart of gold.
  5. She loves Dairy Queen, even more than I do.
  6. She makes a delicious, addictive cheesecake that I just can’t duplicate.
  7. She accepts teasing when my Dad In Law & I get together for a “Dianne” moment.
  8. She’s really good at listening to my long winded stories.
  9. She knows a lot of home cures that actually work.
  10. She can make a bag of candy disappear like magic.
  11. She doesn’t ever worry about makeup and is so beautiful without.
  12. She’s practical in every way.
  13. You’ll never catch her bare foot and she now has me slipper obsessed.
  14. She has a smile that lights up a room.
  15. She’s her own woman.
  16. She handles her husband like a champion.
  17. She appreciates family.
  18. She can shop a mall like nobody’s business.
  19. She is always learning and teaching.
  20. She can talk about knitting, baking, and any book you want to know about.
  21. She has a knack for picking out unique presents for me.
  22. She surprises me.
  23. She is always encouraging.
  24. She never tells anyone what to do, but offers the best motherly advice.
  25. She makes delicious dinners that make you go back for 2nds, 3rds, & even 4ths.
  26. She’s easily amused.
  27. She has a lousy memory, and it’s endearing.
  28. She has incredible taste in decorating.
  29. She has a kindness about her rarely found in people.
  30. She appreciates corny jokes and puns.
  31. She’s going to be an amazing Grandmother and has had a great trial run with Mattie
  32. She’s very good with kids and pets.
  33. She has a lot of imagination.
  34. She obviously loved her parents very much.
  35. She is full of love.
  36. She’s very patient.
  37. She’s incredibly observant.
  38. She wonders about things others don’t wonder about.
  39. She likes to make things from scratch.
  40. She gives me long lasting marriage tips and tricks.
  41. She is generous.
  42. She doesn’t lay guilt trips.
  43. She’s done an amazing job taking care of her family.
  44. She was the best hockey Mom.
  45. She reads a lot of different types of books.
  46. She shares with me interesting stories about her life.
  47. She makes me laugh hysterically.
  48. She has raised a son that turned into my incredible husband .
  49. She doesn’t take herself super seriously.
  50. She’s awesome.
So, I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day weekend.  I thank you for being incredible you. And I’m standing from the highest roof top I know to shout out to the world how much you’re loved!
~ Love Denise xoxox

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