The man behind the mask

Prologue: Balsam Dental is a quiet supporter of so many wonderful events and businesses in the Beach.  I felt they were worthy of a few kudos for their amazing support to so many.  I could think of no better way to honour and thank them, but to introduce the personal side to someone who many regard as a pillar of our Beach community.

Dr Caplan, wife Laurie, and their son Justin

Dr Caplan, wife Laurie, and their son Justin

Dr. Douglas Caplan graduated in 1981 from the University of Toronto’s School of Dentistry. He began his career in the Beach & still remembers his first day at Balsam Dental like it was yesterday.  In fact, Dr. C recently reminisced with a patient who was surprised to learn that he had unknowingly helped to “break in” the ‘new young dentist’ during his very first week of practice 30 years ago.

Dr. Caplan’s wife Laurie, has been his partner inside and outside the office for almost 25 years.  As the Business Manager, Laurie has frequently been overheard telling patients what a perfectionist Dr. Caplan is; adding that while this is the number one trait you want in your dentist, it is not always ideal in a husband, she says with a mischievous smile.  All kidding aside, theirs is a great partnership, as patients and staff can attest.

A proud new Dad; Dr. C became a father when he and Laurie adopted an eleven-year-old boy last year.  Dr. C was overjoyed to discover how much he shared in common with his new son Justin, including a love for photography, hockey, chess, astronomy and of course video games.  As a veteran marathoner (12 runs to date), Dr. C says the icing on the cake was finding out that Justin also loves to run.  The two can often be seen running the boardwalk together early Sunday mornings.

Dr. Caplan and his furbabies

Dr. Caplan and his furbabies

If Dr. C is not out training for his next race, you will often find him walking in the off leash area with any one of their rescued dogs.  The whole family is passionate about animal welfare and so far nine dogs have been lucky enough to find their way into the Caplan household.  Not all at the same time, of course; although, there has been more overlap than seems practical.  Don’t be surprised to find a friendly dog or two lounging at Balsam Dental while their humans get their teeth tended.  How many dental offices welcome your furry friend?!  (waiting room only please)

Balsam Dental, having a passion for all pets, currently has a ‘Yellow Bandana Program” where any pets spotted in this signature yellow bandana, will have a donation made in their honour to one of five shelters.  The front desk has all the details about how you can participate, and help animals in need.

Clearly there is more to the man behind the mask.  As a Beach resident, Dr. Caplan embraces and stands for everything our community has to offer. Balsam Dental is an extension of Dr. Caplan’s personal values; he believes that neighbours treating neighbours with integrity and respect is a cornerstone of Beach living. His professional expertise is as irrefutable as his passion for fun. Essentially, Dr. C brings the same philosophy to dentistry that he does to his own life: keep smiling!

Whitening Special 199

Whitening Special 199


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