Skin protection tips for baby’s first summer

baby's first summer

baby’s first summer

(NC)—For many new moms, summer weather means quiet afternoons exploring the backyard, baby’s first steps barefoot in the grass and shared giggles while treating your little one to a refreshing swim. But when it comes to baby’s sensitive skin, some summer firsts, like sunburn, heat rash and dryness are best avoided. Did you know that a baby’s skin loses moisture nearly twice as fast as adult skin?

Baby skin barriers are less mature and are still changing and developing during the first year of life, making them more susceptible to dryness. This barrier protects against water loss, prevents the entry of bacteria and provides temperature regulation. As a result, baby’s skin is more sensitive to sunlight and has a higher potential for developing irritation and infections. To maintain the healthiest condition, parents can use gentle cleansers and frequently moisturize their little ones.

Baby skin is also much thinner, so it’s best to use a wide-brimmed hat and loose-fitting cotton t-shirts to protect from the sun’s strong rays. During outdoor activities, make sure to set up in cool, shaded areas at parks or recreation spots to help prevent heat rash. While it’s recommended to consult your doctor before using sunscreens for infants under six months of age, a broad-spectrum sunscreen that contains at least SPF 30 can be used on older babies and toddlers. Sun shades and visors can also be helpful to keep hot rays off baby’s skin during car trips and walks in the stroller.

If dryness is a concern, products like Johnson’s Baby Lotion with moisturizing aloe vera and vitamin E work very well to maintain baby’s natural skin moisture. In addition to nourishing dry skin for up to 24 hours, this gentle, effective formula is mild enough for delicate newborn skin.

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