TV personality and tech expert makes learning fun for kids


(NC) Television host and tech expert Amber Mac is no stranger to helping kids learn. With a young son, she is constantly striving to find fun, innovative ways to help her child learn more. Here are her kid-tested tips that will help your child enjoy learning more:

• A day trip to a local museum or science centre is an excellent way for kids to learn new information and skills. Suggestion: use an audio guide, if available to help boost their listening skills.

• A vacation is often a new learning experience for kids, exposing them to a new environment or culture. Amber Mac also suggests packing some learning tools in your suitcase or carry-on. She says one of her favourites is the Leap Reader (by LeapFrog) for under fifty dollars. It is a complete learn to read and write solution that is compact, transportable and economical.

• An art project will encourage your child to express their creativity. Give him or her free reign, so they can showcase their personal style and focus their attention – a necessary skill when learning any subject matter.

• Crosswords, board games and trivia challenges are engaging ways to ensure your children learn new words and boost their grammar. “Another favourite from LeapFrog is the LeapPad Ultra,” says Amber. “It has a content library with more than 800 resources for children and it also contains a suite of trivia games that help kids enhance their learning while having fun.”


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