Like a good wine, Jim Cuddy only gets better with age

Jim Cuddy

“I’m not interested in going solo full time. I like it as a sideline, but I like my main act the most.” ~ Jim Cuddy

I get the opportunity to spend time with and write about a wide variety of celebrities and artists, but none has excited me more than Jim Cuddy. 

Being a fan for more than 20 years, travelling across country to enjoy sold out concerts, and having a crush on him that even my husband knows not to challenge, it’s an honour to be able to give our readers a glimpse of the man behind the singing/song writing legend.

Jim Cuddy is one of the most talented and kind musicians I know in the music industry. Toronto Maple Leaf fan, devoted husband, wine connoisseur and lover of crossword puzzles; Jim Cuddy of Blue Rodeo fame and frontman for the Jim Cuddy Band is a proud Torontonian.

Born December 2, 1955 in Toronto, he has been happily hitched to Canadian actress Rena Polley for over 30 years, and father to their three children; Devin (born 1987), Emma (born 1988), and Sam (born 1992).

He fondly remembers that special day in 1978, while out on a jog. “This girl (Rena) jogged by me – I was immediately smitten. I found out who she was and asked her out on a date. She agreed to meet me the next day for breakfast at Morrison’s Restaurant.  We spent hours upon hours chatting.  We’ve been together ever since.”

With 3 solo albums behind him; All in Time (1998), The Light That Guides You Home (2006) and Skyscraper Soul (2001), the sexy Jim Cuddy seems to only get better with age.  Claims Cuddy, “I’ve always appreciated that I’m in a profession that won’t put you out to pasture just because you’re getting old.”.  As I get older, I’m just more vulnerable and that’s reflected in my songs”.  His voice is as strong as ever, and he’s hitting ranges better now before surgery removed some nodes from his throat that were challenging some high notes than a handful of years ago.

Jim Cuddy Band

A photo op with Jim Cuddy. Eeeek!

With a mix of romantic ballads, country soul, country-rock, and upbeat diddy’s – Jim is enjoying his solo career, but says; “I’m not interested in going solo full time. I like it as a sideline, but I like my main act the most”

“When I write songs for my solo material, the songs tend to be a lot more personal than what I write for Blue Rodeo. I sit down with all of these instruments and work at building the ideas until a song emerges.”

Influenced by such artist as Gordon Lightfoot, The Beatles and Rolling Stones, Cuddy says however that he’s a lover of all music.  “Music always completely captured my attention.  If I was talking to somebody, and a song came on that I liked, I could no longer talk to them, I just became so distracted by what was playing.”

Cuddy’s most recent solo single is one of my all-time favourites, Everyone Watched The Wedding, a song he wrote about a ordinary people and their thoughts on the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate.  This song and his album really takes us on a journey of perspective from many views.

Jim Cuddy

I’m star struck again with Jim Cuddy.

If you have a chance to see the Jim Cuddy Band on one of their various tour dates, I highly encourage you to do so.  Cuddy and his band put on an incredible show for their fans time and time again.   The show and Cuddy himself – are simply spectacular.

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