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If people only put their own troubles aside, and focused on helping others, even in the smallest of ways, it could span a lifetime of greatness for so many, in ways you’d never dream possible.


Kitchen remodeling 101: Making the space your own


There is a lot to think about when remodeling your kitchen. You want to design a kitchen that reflects your taste and style, which you’ll love for years to come. Whether you’re designing for yourself or for resale, the key to success is to embrace timelessness. That doesn’t mean sacrificing personality for a neutral palette, though. Quite the opposite.

Here are five creative, thrifty and helpful tips from Summer Baltzer, interior designer and former host of HGTV’s Design on a Dime, to send you well on your way to a kitchen design that not only looks great in the long term, but also reflects you.

Tip one: Know your style.

Design your kitchen around colors and objects that make you feel great. This is the room you probably spend most of your time in whether you’re cooking, entertaining or just doing homework with the kids. Loving the look is important. Make your design meaningful and something you’ll want to see every day. Look for inspiration from a pottery collection, a piece of artwork, or even the food you love.

Tip two: Get creative on a budget.

A great way to save money is to repurpose found items for your accents where you can. Frame pictures from favorite recipes, use inexpensive flower pots or mason jars to store utensils and cutlery, repurpose an old console table as a center island. You might even want to spray-paint the old dining table and give it a new life. Look for salvaged floors, pallets or pottery to create new furniture pieces or accents. This approach not only saves you money, but also makes your kitchen enviably unique.

Tip three: Develop your vision.

Keep your ideas on track by collecting loose drawings; they can become your own personal design board. They don’t have to be professional or even exactly like the finished product – just enough to make your point and start to envision what the finished product will look like. Seeing your ideas come together before taking a sledgehammer to your old tile not only gets you excited about your project, but can also save you from making design decisions that don’t fit your vision. If you’re hiring a professional, plans for the kitchen should be included in the cost. Make sure that they fit your vision and that you’re getting everything you need from your new space before demo and installation begin.

Tip four: Create timeless beauty.

When focusing on your large installed items, don’t just concentrate on what’s popular now. Instead, take a look at the items that have been relevant for more than a decade. If you’re designing a kitchen for a home you plan on living in for the next 20 years, by all means, go crazy and embrace colors and patterns that make you happy. But if you don’t plan on staying there forever, give yourself room to grow. Look to classic color combinations like white, black or gray cabinets; stone countertops with white or walnut cabinets; or butcher block with just about any cabinet color you can imagine. Wilsonart’s Calcutta Marble and new Old Mill Oak and Truss Maple are affordable laminate options that look real but are made from recycled wood fibers. They have finishes that withstand daily wear and tear, and are a fraction of the cost of traditional stone countertops. Look to lasting styles and materials, rather than what’s simply trendy at the moment, to create a timelessly beautiful kitchen. Learn more at http://www.wilsonart.com.

Tip five: Start with simplicity.

Keep the lines of your installed, more permanent items clean and simple. To add style and versatility, get creative with your accents. For instance, try going Shaker with your cabinets. Traditional cup pull handles will move them in a more classic and traditional direction and linear pull handles will take you down a modern road. By keeping your appliances and more permanent items simple, and using your accents to create a sense of style, you’ll open up tons of design doors for yourself, creating a kitchen that transitions easily, keeps up with your style and has staying power.

With this timeless know-how and creative inspiration, you’re ready to create a kitchen you’ll love both now and a decade down the road.

Walk of Hope for Ovarian Cancer Canada


Walk Date:

September 08, 2013

Woodbine Park, Coxwell Avenue & Lakeshore Blvd E, Toronto

Route distance
2.5 km or 5 km – 5K Fun-Run option

Event Day Schedule:
9:30am Registration and entertainment
11:00am Walk
Post-Walk Lunch and closing ceremonies (Veloute Bistro & M&M)

Pre-Walk warm-up provided by GI Jane
Exercise warm-up and massage services generously provided by Toronto Sports and Orthopedic Clinic.
All day entertainment provided by Absolutely Jack
this year there will be a 5K fun run


your camera

your camping chair or picnic blanket

your reusable water bottle

your (teal!) running shoes

a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses

your dog!

your appetite

Please remember the Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope is RAIN OR SHINE…The walk must go on!

Huge thanks to some wonderful local sponsors!

We couldn`t do it without our amazing sponsors.

We couldn’t do it without our amazing sponsors.

Saturday September 7th – set up day in Toronto!

Through the mud and rain – set up continued, and everyone had smiles on their faces, knowing it’s a wonderful cause being supported. Will you be at  the Walk of Hope in your community September 8th?

This is where the magic begins – set up day in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (watch the video)

The Toronto set up team kept their spirits up knowing it's all for a great cause!

The Toronto set up team kept their spirits up knowing it’s all for a great cause!


Ruby Watchco. 730 Queen St. East, Riverside/Leslieville

In a sea of somewhat mediocre and/or pricey eating establishments in Leslieville, Ruby Watchco proved to have a landslide advantage.

In a sea of somewhat mediocre and/or pricey eating establishments in Leslieville, Ruby Watchco proved to have a landslide advantage.


If you’re after a wonderful gastronomic experience, go directly to Ruby Watcho. Having heard the food was ‘good’ I wasn’t prepared for the treat we received – a four course meal for $49. Included in this gastronomic dream was a starter; a beautiful salad of living greens, buffalo mozzarella, eggplant and a dressing to die for, a main; tea brined chicken with tea & lemon gravy and sides that included sautéed red cabbage with bacon & hazelnuts, old-fashioned potato salad and charred broccoli with duck confit, followed by artisanal cheeses which melted in your mouth, and finished off with rhubarb and mixed berry crisp with cinnamon whip cream. Yum X 10.

Add a crazy couple of waiters, cocktails that burst on your tongue and finishing the meal with a perfect cup of coffee, then you have reached food nirvana.

In a sea of somewhat mediocre and/or pricey eating establishments in Leslieville, Ruby Watchco proved to have a landslide advantage. A set price which more than delivers in terms of taste &portions (doggie bags left us with several days of eating ahead of us) vs a la carte menus which can add up, beautiful cocktails/wine and the best coffee west of the Mercury, it was the best foodie experience I’ve had in many months.
Warning: The cocktails and wine will add up – so treat yourself gently in the alcohol department. Or go for an occasion and let your wallet loose. You won’t be disappointed.

McQueen’s Pub 993 Queen St East

Not filled with coasters and sponsored beer posters, it’s got more of clean, bright linear feel to it.

Not filled with coasters and sponsored beer posters, it’s got more of clean, bright linear feel to it.


If anyone remembers Toast, located in the spot that McQueen’s now occupies, you won’t have a single memory of it visiting McQueen’s. Completely overhauled, McQueen’s brings a nice somewhat upmarket feel to what we know as a ‘pub’.  Not filled with coasters and sponsored beer posters, it’s got more of clean, bright linear feel to it. Almost like a dining room in someone’s house; exposed brick, nice dark wood tables and a long bar. There are TV screens (ugh) but to the sports oriented, who like a beer with their hockey/baseball, no one can argue. Luckily for us, the TVs were on, the sound off, filling the place with good tunes instead.

Unfortunately I can’t describe our food experience there with the same fervour as the decor.

My friend and I spied the ‘Caplansky’s’ smoked meat sandwich on their menu and immediately both of us ordered it. Our other companion, the nachos.

Dreaming of steamed corned beef on warm rye bread dressed up with a dill on the side, was…just a dream. Our sandwiches arrived on the ‘cold’ side, the bread definitely not fresh and yes, well, the dill was fine. And the slaw was delish. Our companion who ordered the small nachos, received a large one – all the more to share, except that after a few not very warm bites, we left it behind.

I’m never sure why new establishments don’t consider food, service and presentation equally as important as the vibe. I do.

While the service was okay, when we explained the sandwiches were not exactly hot, the waitress said she’d talk to the chef vs. replacing / warming up the meals.

You may not have the same experience we did, but go for the vibe, the drinks (although if you’re after a wide variety on tap you’ll be disappointed), and the hockey/sports games.