DIY Make Up Remover

This is without a doubt the easiest and fastest way to remove all make-up; liquid liners, water resistant mascara, mineral shadows, or any of the most stubborn make-up that is always a challenge to remove at night!

Rose water is beneficial to all skin types; and acts as an anti-inflammatory to help reduce excessive skin redness, whether from broken capillaries or general skin issues like Rosacea, but it can also aid in creating a wonderful “do it yourself” make up remover.

Coconut oil is a wonderfully natural way to make your skin soft, radiant, beautiful and healthy. Coconut oil is natural, there are no chemicals in it, and very affordable which is all an added bonus.


DIY Make Up Remover
Here’s what you’ll need:

3 table spoons of rose water (My preference is a Rose Water from Younique)
2 teaspoon of coconut oil
1 cotton pad / facial cloth
1 small bowl


1.) Add 2  teaspoons of coconut oil to a small bowl.
2.) Add in 3 tablespoons of Rose Water.
3.) Give it a stir so it’s blended as best you can.
4.) Using your cotton pad, absorb the mixture
5.) Close your eyes, then remove your eye make-up by gently rubbing the oil over your lids then removing with the cotton pad or facial cloth
6.) Repeat the process on your face and you’ll feel the make up melting under your finger tips.  Wipe away with your cotton pad or facial cloth.

I hate wasting anything great!  So if you have any left over, massage it into your hands and finger nails or those rough patches on your elbows and feet!


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