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11014950_10153268098175540_3681869212171464033_nJanuary 2015- Headlines around the world read, “Ontario to Ban Killer Whales.” Our government was receiving great praise for making this bold statement and we were thrilled they had done so. However, since then, several questions have been raised and they are very concerning questions……

First and foremost, what they failed to mention at the time, was what they planned on doing with Kiska, Ontario’s (and it appears as though Canada’s) very last sole surviving orca ,who has been an unwitting tourist attraction in Niagara Falls, ON for almost 4 decades.

When Bill 80 was publicly released (see Bill 80- it was then clear just what they intended to do with Kiska. They wish to grandfather her into this Bill which essentially means that if passed as it is now, Kiska will never have the chance at seeing another member of her species ever again. She could…

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Trustworthy Auto Mechanics (Toronto East)

A great mechanic is worth a million bucks!

My auto mechanic blues

To see the portion of the Ontario Consumer Protection Act relevant to Vehicle Repair, click here.

Feel free to add your own auto mechanic recommendation in the comments.

I highly recommend Don Valley Auto at Carlaw and Dundas. Good, honest, friendly, competent people.

Collected from Facebook comments:

“I can recommend Downtown Gas & Auto at Eastern & Carlaw.”

“Danforth and Robinson Auto Works 3312 Danforth Ave, 416-467-0305. Tom and his family are simply awesome, and I’ve been using them for years and have yet to have a negative experience on any level.”

“Sure Choice Auto Services Centre Ltd 
1285 Woodbine Ave, East York, ON M4C 4E8 
416-423-9161, I been using them for almost 7 years and we never have a problem or over price.”

“I LOVE G&T Service on Birchmount, just North of Danforth Ave. and the Go Bridge.”

“I’ve never had a problem with Green + Ross at Jarvis…

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My late night chat with Mayor Rob Ford, who tells me how politics works – UPDATED

Just when one thinks Rob Ford can’t sink any lower … he does!

Last Sunday, on his weekly radio program, Toronto’s mayor offered to generously to sit down with women – over coffee even – and “explain how politics works” to us. A lot of people were astounded and offended by this. I decided to take him up on his offer. I called him and left a voicemail, only leaving my first name and my cell.

Now, I don’t really need any help, politically speaking. I’ve worked on the campaigns of impressive women and I’ve worked on campaigns with impressive women, so I kinda know how this whole politics thing works. But what I really wanted to know was why Ford felt that he – a man – should be giving lessons to us about politics. That’s what I really wanted to ask him.

He called me back last night, very late. (Nobody calls me that late except for my kids and they…

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By Barbara Kelly

If you are considering buying a bunny as a gift for Easter, best to make it a chocolate or plush one. Unless, of course, you are prepared to make the 10-year commitment to caring for the cute, fuzzy, nose-twitching, hopping kind.

Several times last week my Facebook connections sent me this message, asking me to share it with my social media network. None of them knew that many years ago our family saved a little white ball of Easter gift fluff from a potentially unhappy ending.

That year in early April, shortly after Easter, my husband, son and I were walking our dog Auggie along the banks of a creek in a nearby park. It was early evening and quite chilly, as early Spring days in Toronto are.

We heard some commotion, a man yelling for help, dogs frantically barking. What we saw was a little white…

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