Younique opens up to more Countries and you won’t believe where!

I’m having a blast as a Younique Presenter and this announcement just made it all the more exciting!


Younique opens up in more Countries!  There is no better time to become a Presenter.  This is a game changer in the beauty world.

Now is the time to reach out to those in Germany and Mexico and chart out an action plan to success and financial freedom as a Younique Presenter and I can show you how!

Germany market launch (July, August, September) … Mexico market launch (October, November, December)

If you have family and friends in Mexico or Germany, or live there yourself, let’s start building some teams now!
Message me for details at or reach out to me on FACEBOOK.

Along with new market releases, there are also some really cool products being launched in March 2015.


Which new products are on your “got to have” list?
Splurge Cream Eye Shadow
Beachfront Bronzer (in 3 shades)
Stiff Upper Lip, Lip Stain (in 7 new colors)
Shine Eye Makeup Remover Cloths
Blending Buds

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Beautiful Lashes Without Extentions

Who knew magic came in 2 tubes!?

Or as I call it, unicorns and fairies, jumping over rainbows and sprinkling lash love inside each tube.

Probably the greatest invention for make up loving ladies like myself.  And if you’re not into make up *gasp*, just having beautiful lashes can truly make all the difference in your day (I bet you’ll get a few extra smiles from strangers you meet) as it frames your true beauty!  Even on my blah days, a coat of mascara and a nice lip gloss make me feel ready to take on the world.

Did you know, mascara originated to ward off evil spirits and ill-wishers around 4000 BC?  Egyptian men and women, lined their eyes with kohl and used the mascara to deepen their lashes as eyes were believed to be the windows to the soul.  Concealing them would ward off any evil spirits and bad energy.

Through Egypt’s influence, kohl usage persisted in the subsequent Babylonian, Greek and Roman empires. Following the fall of the Roman Empire, kohl fell into disuse on the European continent, where it had been considered solely a cosmetic; conversely, it continued to be widely used in the Middle East for religious purposes

Mascara became a beauty product in Victorian times, as these ladies were quite the beauty divas! Mixing ashes and elderberry, Victorian ladies created their own mascara concoctions.

Fast forward to 2012 – and Younique introduces their 3D Fiber Lash Mascara!

Now, understand, this is coming from me, a 45 year old Granny, that went through a breast cancer conundrum which changes everything in your body, including the lashes you once had as a blossoming teenager and young adult. Age, health, the environment, life style – call it whatever you’d like, but I had very scarce lashes, even with my expensive department store mascara (bummer).

It's hard being me without beautiful lashes!

It’s hard being me without beautiful lashes!


I had a friend, selling mascara in Hawaii.  Being the good, supportive friend I am, I supported her mascara business and bought one <inside praying, but not expecting any mascara miracle, because I’m a born skeptic>.  You see, we’re a family without lashes! Even my precious pet kid Mattie is lashless!  Seems to be our fate.

Mattie the Min Pin & doggy extraordinaire.

Mattie the Min Pin & doggy extraordinaire.


Let me fast, fast, forward …. 3D Fiber Lash Mascara by Younique arrives and I fall-in-LOVE!  What’s not to love about this product?

3 simple steps – Transplanting Gel / Natural Fibers / Transplanting Gel to help create the appearance of incredible thickness and volume to your existing lashes. Your lashes transform into something you have only dreamed of (even for us lash challenged folk)! The 3D Fiber Lashes are water resistant but easily wash off with warm water and your favourite facial cleanser or check out my DIY make-up remover.

You can't deny, one simple coat is a huge difference, imagine 3!

You can’t deny, one simple coat is a huge difference, imagine 3!


Now, if only I had this magic in a mascara bottle when I had to pose for pictures in meeting my all time crush Jim Cuddy  … duh dum dum dum

Don’t delay – get your 3D Fiber Lash Mascara today >> HERE <<  because I deem this a Product HIT!

Today I’m signing off …. lash beautiful Granny! ❤




Five steps to smooth legs and flawless feet

Smooth feet & legs brings sexy back!

Smooth feet & legs brings sexy back!

(NC) Whether you’re considering a late summer cottage break or prepping for a mid-winter escape to a tropical paradise, one fact remains consistent: beach-ready legs and feet are a must-have. Breaking the task down into key steps can help you achieve the results you seek in as early as five weeks.

Step one: Identify the target. We all face different challenges when it comes to smoother, touchable skin. Create a comprehensive, brutally honest list of the problem areas that conspire to make you reluctant to bare your legs.

Step two: Devise a routine and stick to it. Be realistic. Pick the techniques that will work best within your existing busy schedule. Used daily, a pumice stone in the morning shower will dramatically improve the smoothness of heels, while an exfoliating shower scrub will remove dead cells and reveal the radiant skin beneath. Finish up with a good moisturizer.

Step three: Seek assistance! You are not in this battle alone. With your target list in hand, research available products that have been proven effective in the quest for better skin. A number of non-prescription options based on sound scientific research that can help improve and restore your skin do exist. “A common concern among women is the appearance of varicose and spider veins on their legs,” says pharmacist and certified menopause practitioner Carolyn Whiskin. “LivRelief Varicose is a new topical that uses natural ingredients to minimize and relieve the effects of varicose and spider veins in four to six weeks. It’s actually the first non-prescription cream available in Canadian pharmacies that is designed to address this issue; and for some it will provide a safe, non-invasive option beyond compression stockings or laser surgery.”

Step four: Indulge. Your regimen does not need to be all hard work. Book a massage and combine the relaxation it affords you with the proven benefits of massage therapy on cellulite and muscle tissue repair.

Step five: Put the icing on the cake. As reveal day approaches, visit your favourite spa for a wax and a pedicure as a great way to celebrate the fruits of your labour!

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