Your Essential New Year’s Eve Style Guide


(NC) There’s a lot of pressure on New Year’s Eve: the party you’ll attend, the food you’ll serve, the person you’ll kiss. But with Canadian style expert Janette Ewen’s quick guide, you’ll be able to cross ‘what to wear’ right off the stress list.

Sequins and sparkles

Some things are simply meant to be: chocolate and peanut butter, Brad and Angelina, sequins and New Year’s Eve. It’s a classic choice that never disappoints. There are very few occasions in a girl’s life when a midnight-blue sequined mini-skirt or a silver-flecked blouse are appropriate, but December 31st sure is one. “Pair your sparkly showstopper with a black leather legging or a pair of neutral pumps,” recommends Ewen. “Don’t forget to add a stack of crystal-embellished sterling silver rings from Pandora for extra sparkle.”

Dramatic hues

If sparkles aren’t your thing, opt for rich hues and unexpected combinations. Emerald green is festive and complementary for a variety of skin tones and hair colours; choose an A-line dress in this hue and be prepared for compliments all night. You could also opt to marry cotton candy pink trousers with a deep maroon blouse for a seriously fashion-forward look, or mix-and-match shades of blue with sterling silver accessories. “A powder blue coat over an ultramarine dress finished with Pandora’s sterling silver Shimmering Lace earrings will have you partying into the wee hours with ease,” notes Ewen.

Pattern play

You’re a neutrals diehard and proud of it. No problem! Punch up your NYE look with pops of surprising patterns. Invest in a leopard print clutch with gold hardware or a stylish plaid scarf. “Or, if you’re feeling particularly daring,” adds Ewen. “Spring for a polka-dot pumps or zebra-print booties to really boost your little black dress ensemble.”


Get your greens with this spinach and yogurt dip

Spinach & Yogurt Dip

Spinach & Yogurt Dip

(NC)—The best moments in life happen when you bring the right mix of ingredients together. A warm summer day, the people you love, and delicious food is a recipe for a good time.

For your next picnic or barbeque do the same: bring some nutritious ingredients together to make a tasty crowd pleasing dip. This Classic Spinach Dip with Greek Yogurt is courtesy of the Hellmann’s Mayonnaise recipe collection:

Classic Spinach Dip with Greek Yogurt

Makes 4 cups

Prep Time: 10 Minutes


• 1 package (300 g) frozen chopped spinach, cooked, cooled and squeezed dry

• 1 container (500 g) nonfat plain Greek yogurt

• 1 cup Hellmann’s 1/2 the Fat mayonnaise-type dressing

• 1 package Knorr Vegetable Dry Soup Mix

• 1 can (227 mL) water chestnuts, drained and chopped (optional)

• 3 green onions, chopped


• Combine mayonnaise dressing, soup mix and all ingredients in medium bowl. Chill, if desired. Serve with your favorite dippers.

Did you know?

Mayonnaise is better for you than you might think. Good fats like omega-3 help our bodies to absorb a range of vitamins such as vitamin A, D, E and K. Vegetable omega-3 fats are an essential part of a healthy balanced diet because our bodies do not naturally produce them. So we have to eat them daily, through foods like canola and flax seed oil, walnuts, or mayonnaise.

Hellmann’s is celebrating 100 years of helping families Bring Out the Best. Visit for more delicious recipe ideas.

Changing the world one loot bag at a time

There’s a cringe that seems to come over most parents when they’ve picked up their sugar rushed child from a party.  It’s never quite over just then either.  The little “bouncing off one wall to the other” sweetheart still has that “loot bag” full of useless items and *gasp* typically more sugar in that sack.

I always thought my little darlings were sweet enough <insert sarcasm>, so my typical scenario was to wait until they fell into a sugar induced coma and ever so gently pry that sugar sack out of their grasp and after nibbling on a few goodies myself would help it find its way straight into the garbage.

Fast forward 20 years and now having a 2 year old granddaughter about to embark on the “kids party” scene, I happily discovered Loot Bags For Life Inc.

Loot bags

This Canadian company, based out of Toronto, is where it’s at.  Buy loot bags, apparel, and/or tote bags (you’ll notice there was no sugar listed) and with that a portion of the proceeds will go straight to charity with many to chose from.  Kids get a take away on so many levels for this new and improved loot bag option.  And parents will love you for it.  If that doesn’t do it for you, you can create EVITES requesting guests to donate to charity in lieu of bringing a gift.  Lastly, you can send an E-CARD with the option of making a donation to a charity in the guest of honours name.


Great right!?

This is a hit. Teach children about charity – animals – helping others unselfishly.

For more information on Loot Bags For Life:

Phone: Toll Free: 1.855.4.LOOTBAGS (1.855.456.6822)

General Inquiries: